Summertime in Lappeenranta Academic Library

Academic Library has started summertime in opening and service hours. This means shorter opening hours and even weekdays when the library is closed. The self-directed use of the library 24/7 is possible except in July when the big windows will be replaced.

Kukat sateen jälkeen

Opening and service hours

Opening and service hours will vary. Check the library web site to see the current ones.


There will be service shut downs in July. Please, take them on account beforehand if you are planning to graduate or defend the doctoral thesis in summer:

Information service and guidance including chat and phone are closed 29.6. – 21.7., although you may get an answer to your e-mail at the beginning of July.

Theses downloaded in LUTPub or Theseus will not be checked and published 29.6. – 21.7.

Interlibrary lending service is closed July 1st-14th.

All administrators of LUT Research Portal are on holiday 15.-28.7.

Linnala Campus Library removal

Linnala Campus Library will be closed down 16.5. That is the last day to return your loans in Imatra. Since Friday 17.5. you have to bring your loans to Skinnarila Campus Library in Lappeenranta.

During the week 21 (20.-24.5.) the books of Linnala Campus Library will be packed and moved to Skinnarila. By Monday 27.5. all books should be shelved in Skinnarila. If you come to the library in removal week, prepare yourself for unusual!


The library will be closed on Friday afternoon, June 28th, at 2pm. The library stays closed till Monday morning, July 29th, because the library windows will be replaced. Self-directed use is not allowed during the renovation.

Replacing the windows requires to empty the shelves under the windows. We will remove the books for temporary places mainly in June. After the window renovation (in August) the books we will moved back. Unfortunately, we have to move books during the service hours. We hope for your understanding and forbearance.

Kukat ja heinä




Tekijä: Academic Library

Lappeenrannan tiedekirjasto on kaikille avoin monialainen erikoiskirjasto. Se on alueen ainoa tieteellinen kirjasto ja yksi Suomen EU-tallekirjastoista. Lappeenranta Academic library is the only scientific library in the region and one of the European Documentation Centres in Finland. It is open to the public.


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