”Excellent services”


National user survey of Finnish UAS and joint libraries was carried out 6.4.-12.5.2017. Lappeenranta Academic Library got 59 answers which all except one evaluated Skinnarila Campus Library. Here some key issues that came up.

Four of five customers think that library services are good or very good in Lappeenranta Academic Library. You acknowledged especially 24/7-possibility and recycling old books. We in the library are very pleased for your evaluation and we shall do our best to continue the good job or even get better in the future. However, some problems had arisen:

“More workshop rooms” … “more individual workspace”

Workshop rooms are one of our most used and wanted services. If you can predict your need, reserve the room beforehand and make sure that you get the room. Sometimes there is a need to get a workshop room for individual use as team members join by skype or other online tools. In that case, consult the Origo Service Desk. We have increased the number of individual working spots in the Library whenever we have had a chance to do it, but we have to serve in our current premises, we shall not get any more space.

“Noise problem in 3rd and 4th floor”

We have two silent areas in the Library: the bottom floor and Silencio on the 4th floor. We have also announced the space in front of Silencio as a quiet working area. Of course, we hope that our customers behave in a proper manner and allow peaceful studying environment to other library users everywhere in the Library.

If you are disturbed or if someone reserves the place in silent areas with his things while stepping out for lunch etc., you can always appeal to the Library rules:
– Lappeenranta Academic Library: Terms of Use
24/7 etiquette in Lappeenranta Academic Library

“The number of textbooks and other physical books has to be increased significantly”

Unfortunately, due to University’s savings the Library has no budget to buy printed scientific books to the general collection. The number of acquired textbooks are decided by the lecturers, so please, let them know if there are too few or no textbooks to borrow. Textbooks are always purchased in e-book format when it is possible.

“Please extend borrowing times from 2 weeks to 1 month”

Two weeks’ lending period is to ensure that the textbooks can be accessed by as many students as possible before the exam. The loan can be renewed if there are no reservations.

“an application to renew loans quickly and pay for overdue ones”

The application is called Finna – LUT Finna or Saimia Finna depending on your university. You can renew your loans and starting from June 5, 2017 it has been possible to pay overdue fees via Finna search services (LUT, Saimia and Wilma Finna), too. Please, sign in and check it out if you have overdue fees.

“Please remind about overdue materials by text-message”

We remind our customers to renew or return loans only by e-mail. Please, make sure that you update changes in your information (for ex. e-mail-address) to our customer register.

Please, remember our LibGuides – they guide and instruct you in many problematic cases. You are always welcome to Origo Service Desk to ask questions or give feedback. There is possibility to give feedback also on the Library webpage and in Finna search services. You can reach information search guidance also through chat-window. Be active and evaluate library services by answering to different surveys when asked. Thank you for taking part in this survey!